Speaking of which, the new Morph Engine introduces wild effects that would be more at home in electronic tracks. The massively improved triggering is by far the biggest attraction. There are 29 mixing platforms here, with the “A” I just wish that the library would be redesigned to use this new room feature everywhere. In the “modern recording era” let’s say until present , there are a few compressors that can easily be called Classic with a capital “C”.

wavemachine labs drumagog

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Drumagog 5 ships with 4GB of instrument samples, covering a good number of drums and cymbals. Drumagog 5 Reviewed by Thom Monahan.

wavemachine labs drumagog

We tried this with SD2. By following the above method and using the default Advanced triggering mode, we had no issues getting a kick drum to trigger nicely right off the bat, and it was easy to trigger basic snare work via the slightly fiddly Trigger Filter section.

wavemachine labs drumagog

Further to this, the Dynamic Tracking function acts similarly to an audio compressor, adjusting the level of each sample played to even out the performance. Rather than so many presets based on modulating resonances, maybe tape emulation, distortions, or compression could be interesting.

Some include rimshot and sidestick material, and a few have overhead and room samples for layering. An impressive update to a modern-day classic, Drumagog 5 is able to hold its own in the face of stiff competition.

It was adapted by me to It’s my favorite upgrade in recent years.

wavemachine labs drumagog

We were really impressed with how well dynamics were represented for moderately paced material, which is a real improvement over v4. Now in the primary window in the bottom right wavekachine the Main tab are sliders that will allow you to blend in three extra samples along with whatever is being triggered usually room samples, but you can create whatever you want. They work just like you think they will, and my only caveat is that I wish the standard Gog library that comes with the plug-in utilized more of this great new feature.


Wavemcahine finally got drummagog to Live. Subscribe for free here. Tape Op is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the art of record making. Fiddly to set up with complex material. Their mic preamps, summing amps, and control room Although I am a huge fan of Audio Ease’s Altiverb convolution reverb plug-in, I have to confess that I initially dismissed this plug-in as something a bit gimmicky and easily replicated with a good Many of the functions from version 4 are still to be found but it’s a huge relief to see a fresh, less-cramped GUI, which is easier on the eye wvaemachine far less hassle to navigate.

My inner synth person wants drhmagog be able to assign an LFO albs these faders, but automation will do for now. The massively improved triggering is by far the biggest attraction. Cons No leakage suppression. It worked like a charm. In the “modern recording era” let’s say until presentthere are a few compressors that can easily be called Classic with a capital “C”.

Finally, Drumagog 5 features a convolution reverb, which, while ‘no frills’, is pretty good, although it only applies to the triggered samples, not the audio, which is a bit daft. There’s a Transient Detail slider that you can decrease if extraneous hits are generated, though we’d recommend keeping this as high as possible if the drum parts have much in the way of quick flourishes.


WaveMachine Labs Drumagog 5 Platinum review | MusicRadar

crumagog Let’s say you want a fixed-velocity sound and so disable Dynamic Multisamples – Drumagog now plays the quietest samples of the set, which isn’t ideal, as even if you boost their level, they’re soft hits with a low signal-to-noise ratio, thus they sound too gentle and will introduce loads of noise.

Plug-in hosting is handy. Alternatively, you can leave the latter set to Auto, as we did for most of our tests. It will accept 16 or drhmagog impulse-response files so you can access other libraries you might have. Grumbles aside, Drumagog 5 is a worthy successor to v4. Its clear display of the detection input and multisample triggering made it an easy go-to from day one. Bill Cheney and Jim Romney are the men responsible for keeping the amazing legacy of Spectra Sonics, a legendary, if criminally unheralded, pro-audio company alive.

Loading other kinds of audio files, like a floor tom or short melodic parts, makes for more sound design options.

Before Drumagog, I had been doing sample replacement by hand for a long time — really arduous and a complete pain, even with keyboard shortcuts. For years, Drumagog was the only drum replacement plug-in worth its salt.