What’s up, my dudes? The audio from his tour announcement. Apparently, this is another response song to another, more popular rapper, in this case Dr. All I Ever Wanted. George Watsky – Cardboard Castles.

watsky gummy bear hundrednaire

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George Watsky – Gummy Bear Hundrednaire. This song is exactly what it sounds likeā€¦ a hundred words you could say instead of swag.

That was a play on the album title. George Watsky – Hey, Asshole. Let me tell you ’bout my workout set, P90X and my I don’t give a fuck! You can watch the music video here:.

Watsky – partitions et tablatures

George Watsky – Idgaf. Probably one of my least favorite songs on the album, but again, I can definitely respect the concept. George Watsky – Cardboard Castles.

It’s so cray, It’s insane and my I don’t give a fuck! Basically, a track about being yourself and loving poetry and rap without ever feeling like you have to be something else to do what you love.

Watsky:Gummy Bear Hundrednaire Lyrics

Let me tell you ’bout my five year plan and my k and I don’t give a fuck! What’s up, my dudes?

watsky gummy bear hundrednaire

My favorite line is this one: Learn how your comment data is processed. Wounded Healer Dear Tick Sampler. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Another call to empowerment song, fun and light and autobiographical. Another very simple beat. Not one of my favorites of his poems, but still amusing and sharp-witted.


I love the backing music, making this song my favorite of the album. Nothing Like The First Time.

watsky gummy bear hundrednaire

Difference is the Differences. Another more traditional-sounding hip hop backing track with a cool beat. Normally, I like maybe two or three out of ten songs from Watsky, who is also incidentally my favorite spoken word poet.

What a beautiful wahsky night What a shame someone would try and mess this up right now Look around, I mean I’m hearing everything you are saying But honestly, I don’t give a fuck dude!

watsky gummy bear hundrednaire

George Watsky – Fireworks. His latest slam poem, set to a simple beat. Apparently, this is another response song to another, more popular rapper, in this case Dr. Let me tell you bout some random crap you don’t care about and I don’t give a fuck!

One of the most authentic-sounding Watsky tracks, reminiscing about watsoy dumb we used to be sometimes. George Watsky – Bucketlist. You can watch the music video here: This album is brilliant. Well that’s fine But remember that All I wanna do is get my mind right If I’m looking at tomorrow check my eyesight All I’m gonna focus on is this fine night Cause all I know this life is finite Never Neverland isn’t more than a legend and so I gotta be digging the present session and getting this Wedging myself up into the wettest crevices, effortless Grabbing a piece of the flesh, if you love it then why fight Some people slower than a nineties modem Wanna see the nips, it’s a while to loadem If life is a woman she’s got some epic titties and I wanna beear up in it and live it and motorboatem Cause I wanna see the cool and the classy And I wanna see the cruel and the nasty Cause if it’s real shit Lemme feel it And if you can’t deal I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!