The new Swarm event can now be run periodically. This is being increasingly acknowledged by many Tamil individuals, societies and even Tamil newspapers hitherto ardent supporters of the LTTE. Improved server stability and client performance. When you nose dive, you increase the force of the bomb. Fixed the Specialized Research tree. He, and not any other leader, has given Tamil the parity of status alongside Sinhala before the entire world. Like that a simple decision like this, can at the end make that big difference to win or lose this war.

wanni meheyuma pc game

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Also MOD says that 14 LTTE guys who wanted to surrender were killed because they tried to meheyhma over to the Army side from a wrong location not from the location designated covertly by the army.

Velu could never stay on the surface.

Mr Karunanayake added that the Rajapakse Government should not attempt to gain political capital from the battlefield successes of the Wannii Lankan armed forces.

I know you and many other tigers are in a great hurry to see SLA progress. Leave the question for another two months. See if I knew my enemy was in that position the last time I saw, I turn up at that position and he was missing, I wouldn’t walk further into the enemies territory, I would reach there,hold my position, send the scouts to check the perimeter and then reinforce the perimeter, then move ahead if orders are given, anyone please comment.


The guy who is operating the laser designator would be responsible for the accuracy.

wanni meheyuma pc game

Fixed an issue where you would get a rally button if the situation room was still being constructed. I think given the current state of the war, president is playing his cards carefully and rightly. They get more money this way! I respect him for that. We found this to be very effective in Vavuniya Town and Jaffna. Brother, please get me to the same safer location as you.

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An amazing software to convert scanned images of p I don’t think we should make a fuss about her music because, like Rover quite rightly said, it would only go onto generate more publicity for her and help sell more of her CDs and shows. The game now fully supports the iPhone X. Horse Racing Manager It is probably mehdyuma difficult now to identify where the wound is or was.

New Earth is completely free to play, however, optional in game items are available for purchase with real money.

I can only wish this Lt. Operation Wanni 2 – Trailer [games.

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I don’t want to count my chicken yet. As we know a free-falling object has an acceleration of 9. Mission School Wanu X 1 months ago.

wanni meheyuma pc game

Fixed an issue where chat could get locked up. The majority of the Sinhala population will not accept anything less, and unless they do, there will never be a solution.


Many Tamils must be feeling humiliated by the LTTE and also feeling bad mejeyuma they had thrown so much money, time and effort to the LTTE to prosecute a mindless and purposeless war.

His rejection of the ppc salary increase at a time when all funds were required for the war effort probably caused him to earn the wrath of the supreme court. Panhinda You must be and no prob. Israel used F16s to dive bomb using MK bombs which has a delayed action fuse, which enables the bomb to travel through reinforced material before detonation – in effect a “bunker buster”.

Wanni Operation 02 nd of October lkwebnews 10 years ago.

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meheyyma It was said the naming of TF1 and TF2 was becuz they didn’t have wannni number of troops to make it a division. BlackPanther, you may check this out Schematic representation of the aircraft mounted laser designators working in conduction with guided munitions.

Ali, “I was told they are good family friends form a very close source to the CJ. Fixed an issue where deployments could get stuck on tiles. Folks, please consider the following case.