Sadguru Sai Seva Sankeerthanalu. The utsavamurthi Festive idol is taken out in procession on all the days colourfully decked on different vahanams Carriages. Shodasha Puja – Rs. Baal Sanskar – Marathi. Login or Register With Raaga.

sri kanipaka varasiddhi vinayaka stotram

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It is all due to the purification of the hearts of the rivals under his divine spell. Ganapathi Vratha Puja – Rs.

Sri Varasiddhi Vinayaka, Kanipakam

Later they took bath in the river near Kanipakam temple. There are instances when the person who committed the sin voluntarily agrees as soon as he had the dip and much before entering the temple itself. Vinayaka Pooja Vratha Vidhanam. Cultural programs one varasiddbi throughout the night.

Temple is located in a small village called Kanipakam.

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Inside Temple There are the inner, front and the great pavilions from the Sanctum Sanctorum. The guilty accept their guilt and pray to HIM for his forgiveness.


Sri Vinayaka Chaturthi Vrata Pooja. There are instances when the kanjpaka who committed that sin voluntarily agrees as soon as he had the dip and much before entering the temple itself.

Full moon day attracts thousands of pilgrims. Last year it was bid for 1. Daily Bhajans – Vol 1 Part – 1.

sri kanipaka varasiddhi vinayaka stotram

While pursuing a degree in Visual Communications, Sri appeared in the television serial Kana Kaanum Kaalangal on Vijay TV and auditioned for the lead role in Kallooriwithout success. There are 2 Dhwajastambhas here, one is carved of rock and another has a metal cover. That is how the place varwsiddhi called as “Kanipakam” since then. Utsava Murhty Archana – Rs.

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Saswatha Abhishekam – Rs. Sakala Devatha Ashtothra Satha Naamavali. Idol stands amidst water at ground level Since he was found in a measure varasidddhi land he is known as Kanipakam Varasiddhi Vinayaka.

sri kanipaka varasiddhi vinayaka stotram

Kanipakam is 12 kms from chittoor and 75 kms from Tirupathi. Ganapathi Sahasramanarchana – Rs. Donations are invited for constructions of rooms in the Guest House at an srri cost of Rs. Sri is an Indian film actor who has appeared in Tamil language films. Temples in and around Kanipakam: A water tank faces the tower.


sri kanipaka varasiddhi vinayaka stotram

Sri Vinayaka Charitha Ganam. Gana Gana Gantalo Ganpaiya. Namakaranam Naming Ceremony – Rs. It seems in Treta Yuga, during a battle Lakshmana went unconscious.

Sankatahara Ganapathi Vratham – Rs. Venkateswara Suprabhatam by M S Subbulakshmi. During the Journey, a piece vinzyaka Sanjeevani Parvatha fell here. It is at a distance of about 77 Kilometers from Tirupati.

Sadguru Sai Seva Sankeerthanalu. He was taken aback to see the iron implement hitting a stone like formation.