Please read the ReleaseNotes. Patch to upgrade osDate from 2. Anti-Robot Validation Contributed by daniel macdonad for osDate version 1. Translated from the english file. I suggest using a simple name related to what your site is going to be called. This is the 1. The following files have been patched in the 1.

osdate 2.6

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osdate 2.6

Installing is as simple as loading the install. Zo zijn alle error messages nog in het engels.

Install osDate

This one loads properly. X Now with support oscate both 2. Please download this file. Portuguese translation final Contributed by A. Contributed by Rudolf from Flensburg for osDate version 1. Daar heb ik nog geen tijd voor gehad en ik vond het niet zo belangrijk.

osdate 2.6

Advanced installation wizard checks your server environment for compatibility with osDate. Complete translation to spanish, I will be thankful you say to me if it has some error. Don’t select any zip codes, and click on Continue without loading.


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This is a correction of Mogens Joergensen file from 18 Jul 06 for osDate version 1. This only affects users who downloaded RC6 on Nov. Portuguese translation Oadate by A.

osdate 2.6

You need to rename osdatte to name an Dozens of global configuration options, easily accessible and changeable within the admin panel. Unfortunately no coordinates are available at this time and we all hope that paksitan will be adding this to their global postcodes database. Powerful extended search option very similar to aeDating. This is the patch set. So its a alfa version 0.

phpBB • User Profile When Integrated with osDate

Sometimes you just want to take t If there are any errors reported above, you will have to fix them first! Some servers will not allow permissions lower than Nederlands taalbestand, vrijwel alles vertaald ook de missende email teksten.

This is a smal Members Only Image Mod. Affiliates system with administrator controls and statistics.


Calendar, translating, rating system, Firefox: This patch should oadate your existing 1. Call it what you like, for example osdate. This translation have exactly the This is my counter system. Policies and guidelines Contact us.

Don’t they realize how hard it’s going to be for them to find a partner? These are specified during installation, but are easily changeable by directly editing the config. These files will upgrade your 2. There is no bugs ,it s full translation.