You cannot download any of those files from here.. In o solo,you might only need to ploy os litfleos o singlebor or so to get the point ocross, E7 te FinqlNoles Thonkyou for checkingoui thisexplorotion of the diminishedond whole-tonescoles, some ideosthot con benefityour ploying, I hope you. Thinkof scolesos hovingno beginningond no end. F i n s of lhe Whole-Tone Scqle! Go up onotherminor3rd to the l2th fret ond pretend E7isolsoG7. Thisprocesscontinuesup onotherminor3rd ond so on, Withthe triodsunderyourfingers,experimentcombiningshortphrosesfrom eoch triod over o stqticA7 vomp, Youmight,for exomple,ploy three or four notesfrom eoch triod, lt doesn’t motter in whot order you ploy the triodsor on which one you stortor end.

moc volje pol zago

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Youmight find it interesting thot combiningtwo diminished7th orpeggios,eithero holf or whole step opori, creotesthe eight notes of the diminishedscole.

Once you get them down, connect them pll “sweeps” smoothorpeggio.

Usingthe DiminishedScole Unif 7: Zwgo of the time they willresolveto o home chord up o 4th. Thefirststep istypicollythe teorning of scoles,Usingeitherthe key center opprooch or the modol opprodch,studentsshouldleornot leost o few usefulfingeringsof the mojorscole ond be oble to ploy them in dtt t Introduction Thisbook zaog the two mostusedsymmetricolscoles-the diminishedond whole-tone, Symmetricol scolesore bestdefined os hovingrepetitiveor equol-notespocingthot repeotsthroughout the octove, For exomple,the whole-tonescqleisexoctlywhot the nqme indicotes;it’so scole builten1rely of whole tones, Thesymmetryof o diminishedscole iso pottern of olternotingwhole stepsond holf steps,four timesper octove.

Thisporticulorlick useson interesting crisscross fingerboordshope throughthe firsttwo bors. Pol Zago – Moc Volje. Ebond C, TheA-to-Ebtriod phroseisthen ployed ogoin, on octove higher,before o btuesyending.

Pic Moc Motor

Dzozef Marfi Moc Podsvesti. The fingerboordiso visuol,grophic instrumentsimilorto o slide-rule, In mostcoses,you con get by with justone fingeringfor eoch of thesescqlesond then repeot the some fingeringeverytwo frets whole-tone or three frets diminished up or down the fingerboord,Guitorployerscon eositydiscoverhundreds of unique melodicond hormonicideosthot ore not os obviouson other instruments likekeyboords,reeds,or bross, Bothof thesescolesore very usefulond creotivetoolsused by improvisers, Theirsimplicitycon be deceptive; it’solmostsurprising how thesesimplescqlescon providesucho complexsound,In trqditionol jou, they provideo controstingflovorogoinstfunctionoldominontchords.


G, Bb,c, ono Ebore fromi-minor horizontolfoshion’ positionbecouseit iseosierto ployin o descending locotedin o higherfingerboord Exampte32 o bit of rhythmond o posing note F noturo Usingthe concepr frornthe previousexomple,the next lick uses less Theeight-notesequenceisolsobrokenup to moke it sound in the firstbor to odd more musicolity, oredictoble.

We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: Theprocesscontinues o thirdtime up to the 1ststring, B70e: Stort out ployingnonstopeven 8th notesuntilyou con moke the scolechongessmoothwithoutinterruption.

In foct, on interestingcoincidenceoccurswhen certoin intervolsore ploced obove the four notesof o diminished7th orpeggio see Unit5 on orpeggios ,Theresultingeight notesodd up to oll the notesin o diminishedscole.

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Sym Symphony en This service manual contains the technical data of each component inspection andrepair for the Sym Symphony I would rothershowyou some ideosthot ore not only good for building techniquebut ore olsomelodicond interestingenough to usewhen vvolje hove io odmit, however, thot l’m cought in the middlewhen it comes to scolesequences. Don’t be too concernedwith the bottom or top notes of eoch individuolpottern,You’llfind thot eoch hos q differentstortingond ending note becouseof the noturolronge of the strings, Scolesore vlje row of notes,ond you shouldleornto controlthe scole by being oble to stortqnd end on ony note, Eventuolly, individuolscolefingeringswillbegin to blend togetherintJlorger potternsuntil finollythe whole fingerboordisunderyour control!

moc volje pol zago

DiminishedScqleSequences l’m not o big believerin exercises. Coming up ore o few fovorites. StortwiththeFtoGonthe 5th string’the Ebtof on the 4th string,ond then the F to oon the lst itring. Youcon continueup the two stringsos long ond for os you wont, Also,try chongingthe rhythms whileyol ploy it, Move oll the notesto the right,plocing the firstnote A on the firstdownbeot of bor 2, Or ploy the lineos triplets, A Example76 Thediminished-speedversiontokesodvontoge of the mojor-6thtuning between the 4th ond 2nd strings ond between the 3rd ond lst.

moc volje pol zago

Example l5A Let’slook of o C diminishedscole, Cdiminishedscqte: Plocingo mojor3rd, perfect Sth,or minor7th intervolobove the hotesof o dimTth orpeggio resultsin o dominontdiminishedscole,Ploceo 4th, minor6th, or mojor7th ond you get the scqle, diminished An exompleof thisconcept isthisusefulline builtfrom mojor3rd intervolsploced obove the four notesof o GdimTorpeggio.


Ovo je izuzetna knjiga za one koji ele da unesu pozitivne promene u svoj ivot. Forinstonce,if we ore soloingover A7 ond ploy triod Exomple 2g moved up o minor3rd or bsihor 6th ,it tokeson o differentsoundfrom the originoilocotion,Atthough ii,sstillin the Bb diminishedscole,differentnotesore occented, givingit o similorbut differentfeel.

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One more thing obout the fingerings: Knjige 2, 3 i ForG7, visuolizgoll the whole steps stortingot the 1stfret olong the low E string,Eoch one of thesenotesiso root. One secretisto pretend thot the Bb7,oI the 6th fret, isG7 ond referencethe diminishedscoleoff of the Bb7, Tokethisideo o step furtherond pretendthe Db7,ot the 9th fret, isolsoG7, Thisiso good thinkingsubstitute becouseDb7isthe flot-fivesubstituteof G7.

Butfor now, know thot if o sequenceis shownfor G7, for exomple,thot linewillolsofit over lb7, Gb7,ond E7. Youmight find it eosierto pick by stortingwith o downstrokeon the firstnote C ond then olternote-pickthe entireline, Examptel0 A weolth of ideosisot our fingertipswhen we thinkof the diminishedscole in termsof intervols,Although the followingexomplesore stillconsideredsequences,we willorriveof them in o differenlwoy from the nume1colpotternsshowneorlier,Byplocing voriousintervols 3rds,4ths,Sths,etc, obove scole ond orpeggio tones,we con discoverseveroluniquediminishedsounds.

Thisexploinswhy we con slideo fingeringof o diminished7th chord up or down three fretsond stillend up with the some chord,The only thing thot chonges isthe order or inverdonof the notes,not the notesthemselves, Thisdiminishedprincipolworkshugelyin our fovor when it comes to opplyingthe diminishedscole. Thisresultedin o few notesnot in the Abdiminishedscole Ebond A in the second bor ,They don’t seemto conflictwith the diminishedsoundond come off soundinglikepossingtones, Dm7 b5 G7 be Unit8: We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: Example3l scolethrough exploredthe diminished JozzgreotsJohncottron”ond chick coreo,omongothers,hove orpeggios 7th minor eight-notesequenceusing Thenextexompledemonslrotes.