After all, everyone is a mortal! In that he wrote about how he met gunashekar, how they bond grew over years and he directly wrote that after becoming a star director Gunasekhar behaved rudely and insulted him. Director Gunasekar directly asked the Jury what was wrong with his historical movie Rudramadevi and even organised a press meet on this. Mallemala’s book is pacing it up faster. Sontha thandri ne badnam cheyadaniki ready ayyadu ante. Raju la veligina manshi ni antha la badnam cheyyala?

mallemala idi naa katha book

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Konni roles vadu chesinattu, evaru cheyya learu. Ocanada Junior Artist Username: Added to that the book has been taken away from the bookstores adding more color to the colorful story.


NTR a hero, the first opportunity was given to someone else, he writes. CMgaa entha dobbesaado mahanubavudu!!!!!!

mallemala idi naa katha book

Saikumar kakapothe inkokadu dubbing istadu. Mallemala’s book is mqllemala it up faster. These stars who demand the moon, and stay adamant on getting it are feeling as if someone has crashlanded on to their party and exposed them of their ego-centric existence. June 21, at However, the fans commented that regarding all the negative comments that are coming against him on social media, Gunasekar is giving a strong counter in his unique style.


Vja2va Junior Artist Username: Polyglot Aavesam vaddu le. Related About krshychait A working individual who has a great passion towards arts of India.

mallemala idi naa katha book

Delhi court lo Srija case vesindi, thanaki, Sirish ki, Chiru nundi prana hani ani. Rudraksha Side Hero Username: The same year, another film with kids as the main role came and was a commercial hit. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Why naaa the film industry reacting to it as if it has bumped into a volcano which might reduce it to nothingness?

Sontha thandri ne badnam cheyadaniki ready ayyadu ante. Chiranjivi alanti prayatnam cheyyanu ani Mallemals high court ki oka hamee patram kooda rasichchadu. Thatha ki studio la nundi gadhalu kireetalu ettekelladam alavate kada alantide idi kuda and nammable ga undi. Rajasekhar topic nuvvu theste inkevaru mention cheyya koodada? None of the film stars nor any scribe would have anticipated the sensation it was going to become before a fortnight. To find out more, including how to control cookies, mallemlaa here: NTR when the assistants came on line, the old man wrote in his book.


When Ms Reddy wanted to produce film with Jr. Chiru ichindi hami patram emiti? Reddy peddayana abaddalu enduku cheptadu cheppu. Notify me of new comments via email.

m s reddy idi naa katha pdf

Naku reading ante antha pedda interest undadu but will pass it on You are commenting using your WordPress. Click this link for Ms Reddy Funeral Photos. This Telugu Villain is ‘Sadist’ not ‘Rapist’.

Adi chinna di dhani ki antha malemala unte ivanni enduku ani. The literary and cinema field have captured my imagination like no other.

mallemala idi naa katha book

The funeral took place yesterday. Adi correcte ani conclude ayipodama?