The hotkeys can be changed in the settings. Keeping the right one pressed, allows you change the angle of the window. Download Madodate and extract it in a folder. Madotate Manage windows more easily in a 3D desktop. Windows Movie Maker Solid, free video editor from Microsoft.


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But if you wish, you can safely add the registry keys to your Vista. Alongside close, full-screen and minimize appears a 3D button. Then, there is an […]. Don’t leave without your download! We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.

More reviewed on June 12, Do go into its Settings and play around. Download and installation help. I tried Madotate and it screw up amdotate computer, every time I tried to use my scroll wheel all it did is make the stuff in the windows bigger. Personally, an interface like that would annoy me. However, these cool Vista effects are not cheap to system resources.


The 3D effect is quite cool, but if you’ve played with Deskspace it seems pretty basic in comparison, although Madotate has the advantage of being free. Softonic review If you find your desktop gets overwhelmed by too many open windows there are a number of solutions, from the extravagent like investing in a second monitor, to applications that try to give you an expanded workspace, like the spaces feature of Apple’s OSX Leopard.


Download this VPN to secure all your Windows devices and browse anonymously. The Settings menu is a center to control all the cool Vista alike visual effects.

Matodate is a resource friendly way to add a space saving 3D effect to your windows. The latest stable version is Madotate v2.


They enable some additional features. Madotate is a green-ware cleantiny, standalone, freeware, open-source! The mouse scroll button allows you to move the window closer or away from you.

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The only problem we found was with Adobe Air programs – they don’t crash or slow down, but don’t transform properly. Your review for Madotate. Free Download for Windows. You can now, also move the windows around keeping the left mouse button pressed.

Even when I uninstalled the thing it didn’t go back to normal, maotate I finally went to system restore. Well, okay, i madotaet say if it’s “worth” it for You, but i think it’s cool.


Move, Flip, Zoom Your Explorer Window with Madotate Freeware

Madotate is a standalon application i. It is a wonderful freeware utility for adding the 3rd dimension to your screen. Brave blocks unwanted content by default and keeps count. However, the Vista version of IE7 is bundled with the Windows […]. The original Madotate is written with Japanese menu interface. Powerfully private No more data charges to download unwanted content.

Madotate Manage windows more easily in a 3D desktop. The download works now, so try a gain. During my search for a more interactive 3D desktop application for Windows Vista and Windows 7, I came across tons of programs but they rarely managed to fulfill my requirements.