The second is more mainstream but with beautiful Swedish folkmusic thrown in here and there. Lots of early King Crimson influence, not the 21st Century kind but the mellow and haunting style. Of course there’s Mellotron on it, although less than on its predecessors, and I don’t hear anything more ‘contemporary’ than, er, a Hammond, to be honest. Yes, candles and very dim lights are an option when listening to this stuff. It’s cool stuff, in a way, and will surely hold you spellbound for a spin or two, if only for the uniqueness of the sound, the shimmering guitar play and the drums which are used to good effect. Or Simon Nordberg’s keyboards, employed more for atmospheric color rather than the usual virtuoso wanking. One can imagine a burning funeral “drakkar”, blazing arrows of fire arching towards the aquatic tomb, a heady mixture of pain, regret, respect and sorrow.

landberk indian summer

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A bass intro as guitar is strummed. If you want to hunt down one bizarre disc that many will puzzle over, get this stunner. The Dream Dance EP appeared in time for the band’s Progfest appearance, previewing two of the tracks from the following year’s Indian Summer. In fact, the ‘Tron work throughout is excellent againwith Tell being only the tip of the iceberg. All Around Me 9: I don’t have any other of thei Record Heaven Sweden Lonely Land: I like this kind of mellow felling.

The band seems to draw his melancholy throughout the album. Uninspired melodies and vocals like the one that can be listened in I Wish I Had a Boat is quite alien to their good and early work but the same applies to Why Do I Still Sleep no wonder though with such a dull tone.


landberk indian summer

While not a bad song, it’s the sort of track that would get itself lost about halfway through an album, and probably isn’t worth splashing out a fortune for, although it has a typically nice ‘Tron part.

The vocals stop and all that’s left is the lone guitar melodies. THIS is the result of weddings. The ‘Tron work is up to usual standards, although no one track leaps out at you and says ‘I’m a classic’; a worthy sujmer to their oeuvrehowever.

This album is sad. Yes, candles and very dim lights are an option when listening to this stuff. No release results – showing artist results instead. Are you going to find this easily? You must be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not. This is a hypnotic and melancholic track and I love it. Starting as a symphonic prog unit that rode on the waves of the Swedish prog revival, they turned into an innovative rock combo with strong Talk Talk influences that can be heard right from the opening seconds.


My son in th efirst of his peers to marry and also I found out he was the top person in his peer group. I will still round it up to three stars, but I am iindian sure this album deserves it. The bright star in this unit must be Reine Fiske. Latest members reviews Another time, swedish music makes me proud.

Planet Mellotron Album Reviews: Landberk

Now, there’s an oxymoron landbeerk you. I like the plodding yet prominant bass. The lndberk is made up of simple melodies with interesting textures and experimental sounds lush, symphonic keyboards, mellotron and prominent drums through out. After the generally disappointing One Man’s Tale Another, the group was awaited around the bend, and many were quite pleased with the present album.


What you’ll get here is the melancholic mood which is so typical of these Nordic bands. The magic of their debut is far away.

landberk indian summer

Even on a long piece like All Around Methe band sounds more like a 90’s continuation of Joy Division then like anything heavy or prog. Another thing is the band’s now-eroded over-reliance on the mellotron sound, even if it is still effective lanndberk, especially countering the still-effective and unique Fiske guitar sound; but should you take the trons out, I’m not sure there is that much substance left to these.

OK, I suppose it isn’t that different to their first two albums, but there’s lahdberk shift somewhere in their sound which suggests that they could, given time, have, er, ‘progressed’ away from progressive rock entirely.

A feel good tune.

landberk indian summer

It’s very laid-back and austere, Landberk never goes for big gestures but shines at understatement. The second is more mainstream but with beautiful Swedish folkmusic thrown in here and there.