She wailed loudly crying out to Krishna holding on to her sari. Things are manifested thoughts and thoughts are unmanifested things. If you did grow higher in maturity, then you will have a more objective view of those experiences that disturbed you in the past. So, fix your mind in Me exclusively, apply your intellect in Me. So is your God, absolutely personal to you.

infinitheism prayer

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The very purpose of religion is to help you to drop and transcend the three intermediate personalities of mind, intellect and emotions, and thus experience unison between the form and the formless. Feeling Thy grace Feeling the protective womb of existence shielding and taking care of me at every moment Life is governed by an Existential Order.

There is no inferiority about the man that Existence made. Isn’t it evident that His grace is prevailing over you in every moment of your existence! Then, you are not growing. In each new moment, you are different from what you were the previous moment. If you are not aligned to gravity, you will fall, even if you have been the saviour of humanity. You are stagnating on infinutheism same branch.


One step is enough and then another step and then another Faith is not anti-science; it is just beyond the comprehension of science. There is a difference between knowing God and knowing about God.


infinitheism prayer

God is not just a matter of belief, but is a matter of alignment. Yet, faith works; faith alone works. And, His design is such, the only way He can work prayee you is when you live aligned to the Existential Order.

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The seeker cannot be separated from the Sought. We all act depending on our own individual capacities. We can only evolve through the phases of relative ignorance to relative maturity. Like ideas which are more powerful than the mind that gave birth to them infinirheism for ideas have the power to live on much after the mind that created them has turned to dust – faith too is more potent than the ‘object’ on which the faith is directed.

If there are sunrays, then there must be a sun. Where is the necklace without the gold? The seed of an apple shall not reap a pineapple. In reference to the Cosmic Presence, the common ‘omni’ references have been: Who have been the connecting thread to the wisdom of every age?

However passionate I may be about my materialistic pursuits, I am not complete without you.

All in one and one in all are two sides of the same coin. History suggests that one man is enough to be a turning point in this world. In the great epic of Mahabharata, the vicious Kauravas, in one of their numerous ways in conniving to humiliate the Pandavas, sought to outrage the infinitheisj of Draupati.


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Similarly, to evolve Higher in maturity, you need to grow Deeper in faith. Go beyond yourself and discover the bounties of abundance life holds. Many of your predecessors played their part in the evolution of human consciousness, and you are enjoying the benefit of it.

All the components of spiritual development gain meaning and infinitueism only on the pedestal of faith.

infinitheism prayer

In terms of maturity, metaphorically speaking, you have to keep climbing higher and higher from the lower branches of maturity. Teachers are not just those who teach in schools prayre colleges but anyone who has played a part in altering the state of your mind and heart, and thus your life.

A teacher is a Cosmic representation in your life. The path is not different from the destination.