There should be 75 DJ’s all. Last years flyer had 73 acts in total, 51 DJ’s and 22 MC’s, this years has 30 artists, 25 DJ’s and 5 MC’s, all in all its a joke, take off the non hardcore and it’s even more dire, whats with this multi genre crap with events these days anyway, ooh lets be all musicly diverse and break down genre barriers, nah, bollocks, im sorry but some people are purists and dont want what should be a hardcore holiday diluted with stuff that’s not hardcore, to me that defies the point of everything, HTID literally stands for hardcore. I do agree with this Drum and bass producer Ten Walls himself. By JahMike Anbessa – Features. Hardcore , hardcore, hardcore!

htid in the sun 2012

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htid in the sun 2012

HSU are going for what many different people want to hear and not just the same line up playing the same music. I enjoyed it last year Alert moderator.

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With all night parties and water parks, the stories you come back to tell will be insane. Changing things up and booking artists from other genres with a wider appeal may help to introduce new people to the genre. I was initially going, i have the time booked off work and also a hotel provisionally booked on a pay thw you arrive, cancel up until a few days before basis, but unless theres a load more announcements made adding more hgid doubtful then no way, spending what can and will easily run into a grand just sn its in magaluf and eeked out over a few nights, where i could see the same line up plus more for a tenth of the price in the UK on any given weekend, nah, shit, i could do the clubland weekender for a lot less money and thats absolutely huge compared to this, so yeah, the line up itself, good, but the size of the line up, absolute garbage.


htid in the sun 2012

Originally posted by MC Deecee: That basically sums it up, its bullsh! I want HTID to be hardcore!

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What to eat to manage an MDMA come down. Alternatively, for a break from the incredible atmosphere stay in the next hotel which is still only a 10 minute walk away. The line ups also say ‘hosted by My Area Thr Donate Help. Hardcorehardcore, hardcore! A Heavy Dose of Dub: I wanted to book them for Rehab!

htid in the sun 2012

Printworks annouce a killer Spring season. How do other ravers feel about the look and feel of this year’s HTID?

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Ravine has nearly half a million followers on youtube and both have a big fan base. I just can’t decide if I want to go this year The same old lineup on every flyer doesn’t work anymore That’s the thing though, it is broken.

Girl, Interrupted – Let’s talk plot, character and mental I’m seeing a lot from other genres mixed into the line ups this year. Topic is 3 pages long: And the “hosted by” label will mean nothing. Appearances from the best in hardcore, this could be your ideal holiday with plenty of booze and music and of course sunshine, what more could you ask for?


Originally posted by Chris Core: By Sabino Alvino – Technology. There should be 75 DJ’s all. I’m just going for the hardcore Either way I think it’s a bold, fresh move to make and to diversify the lineup. By JahMike Anbessa – Features. Majority of the MCs will still be the obnoxious loud cu nts that people know and stupidly like, “rapping” over the vocals. I’m familiar with Atmozfears and some of his tracks, but I don’t know what the hell he looks like.

This would send me to sleep.