Sri Sri Swamiji is not merely intoxicated in Krishnaanubhava all the time, but pours forth the same upon all jivas who have His association and is the guiding light to countless across the world today. He was still not convinced about what Bhagavan Ramana had told him. He sat with his eyes closed. A practical guide which can be understood and practiced by one and all to experience happiness forever. If the mind troubles? In the morning the child was back to normal state!

hare rama hare krishna chanting by muralidhara swamy

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Sri Sri Swamiji has said about the greatness of Guru Seva.


He also sat amidst them. There is no knowledge or vow, meditation or acquisition which is equal to Divine Name.

What is difficult for human beings? God is for all. We should Chant and remember the Divine Name every breath we intake and we need not try to do anything else. The Mahamaya greatest illusionthe mind, can be brought under control slowly and steadily by Namakirtan alone.

We do not have control over the thoughts that arise in our mind.

hare rama hare krishna chanting by muralidhara swamy

Harr common question that arises in everyone is ‘What is essential to attain God — Grace or effort? It is the same with Guru’s blessings. What should I do? Today is Narasimha Jayanthi. The same was done in a grand manner as Guru Seva by devotees across the globe. Arumai guruvum seppu mozhi idhuvae.


While you concentrate on your studies and prepare yourself for your future, you also need God’s grace. He wondered what to do.

Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji | Guru and Namakirtan | Page 26

Village women who used to go to the forest to collect woods for the fuel informed the family about the presence of a Swamiji in the forest and suggested that they seek his counsel in the matter. To protect one from five senses one need to keep a vigilant watchman or a ferocious dog and that is nothing but the divine kishna of the Lord.

Srimad Bhagavatham and many other scriptures in Sanatana Dharma advocate harr as the simplest means to attain the Lord.

hare rama hare krishna chanting by muralidhara swamy

The child had been brought back to the village home. Prahlada, blessed by his Guru Sage Narada, has always chanted the divine name of the Lord and was blessed to be seated on the lap of the Lord.

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If this is done in a temple, all the innumerous devotees who frequent the temple also get benefited. Our Religion speaks of the significance of 7. Continuously chant the Mahamantra and eventually, you will attain the state of surrender. Saranagati-ceaseless chanting of the Name and self-surrender-indicate krjshna and the same state. That is the prime reason for the establishment of Namadwaars world over. He has done kirtan of the Mahamantra in all the Temples of Tamizh Nadu.


hare rama hare krishna chanting by muralidhara swamy

Namadwaar Singapore is a registered Hindu society inspired by HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji established since Nov8, to help promote Universal Love for the betterment of human race without any bbymuralidhhara or geographical barriers.

Nama Article 29th April Advertisements Leave a comment. The elated family went to Swami Abhedananda with garland, fruits and other offerings and honored him in gratitude. At once, the whole family rushed to Swami Abhedananda. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

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Swami Abhedananda had only recently walked out of his home. I think again and again about this with in Myself. Nama Article 10th May