Definitions will be given for cosecant, secant and cotangent. Please note the pricing for the software is determined by the quantity of the computers that will be using the access. Connect physical, verbal and symbolic representations of integers, rational numbers and irrational numbers. If you have the money, it can be an incredibly valuable study aid though. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited. Compare, order and determine equivalent forms of real numbers. What is the value of X6?


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Moodle in English

Connect physical, verbal and symbolic representations of irrational numbers; e. Goesketchpad may want to sketch it out. The Geometer’s Sketchpad, Exploring Precalculus. Students will understand how mathematical ideas interconnect and build on one another to produce a coherent whole. See overall project description.


Definition of a geometric mean; Properties of similar triangles; Proving triangles similar; Parts of a right triangle; Definition of an altitude. Grade Level Indicator H Start by finding the value for X 1, then for X2, then X3, and so on until you get the value for X6.

Students will need to be familiar with: Students will analyze and evaluate the mathematical thinking and strategies geosketcjpad others NCTM.


Right Triangles and Trigonometry (Geo. Sketchpad)

At what angle X should the arm be set? Use right triangle trigonometric relationships to determine length and angle measures. Find the height of the flagpole. Sketchpad gives students at all levels–from third grade through college–a tangible, visual way to learn mathematics that increases their engagement, understanding, and achievement. Sketchpad Webinars Key Curriculum Press hosts an ongoing series of free Sketchpad Webinars on a variety of mathematical topics.

How about if you know the length of the longer leg? Through measurement, constructions omit and calculations, and using their knowledge of the Pythagorean Geosketchpaad, the students will identify right, acute, and obtuse triangles based on the length of their sides, RECALL the converse of the Pythagorean Theorem from today’s discussion and write it out in the space below: Homework Solve for all unknowns.

Give in reluctantly and place the completed proof on the overhead. You are logged in as.


Refocus the students’ attention to the Proof. Please read 10 and 11 before completing the 4th column. You might have one or two students come to the front and read the statements and reasons of the proof to the class.

Sketchpad is the optimal tool for interactive whiteboards. A hexagonal window consists of six congruent panels of glass. Your answers to Ex 25 will go into Chart 3. Students who want a similar experience have to pony up cash or try to make the program’s limited geosketchoad features work.


The Geometer’s Sketchpad┬« (Software)

The Dynamic Number project has over 65 free Sketchpad activities, complete with activity notes, worksheets, and movies, for grades K focusing on number, operation, and early algebra.

Use trigonometric relationships to determine lengths and angle measures NCTM. Have students check their work for accuracy. There are dozens of different graph types supported by the program, complete with heosketchpad coordinates and axes. Products To learn about the specific purchase options for this program, please contact our Customer Service team at You estimate that the angle of elevation to the top of the building is 80 degrees.


The Geometer’s Sketchpad won a ComputED award for best educational software in the category of high school math tools. Then have the students identify the legs, altitude, and hypotenuse of the right triangle.

In geoskeetchpad, students will make connections to previously studied similar triangles.