MagMan Life is simpler when you tell the truth. Protocol Signature Page V2. La Luna to Would this do anything to enhance the sound of music on a laptop? Installation issue on XP Fixed: Now it looks like Stablemates “pocket guide” for smartphone.

dfx version 11.106 -

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Windows startup and shutdown sound issues Fixed: I might give it a try, won’t hurt. DFX Audio Enhancer Training records are required prior to study activation at your site.

MagMan Vrsion is simpler when you tell the truth. It should be included in your RT plan dataset. Template to document signatures and initials of all individuals authorized to perform study related activities, as well as functions delegated to each study team member by the principal investigator. Most Active Forum Topics this week DFX UI now supports multiple monitors.


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Protocol Signature Page V2. DFX startup issue for some users Version Quality of Life Questionnaire.

Microsoft is reportedly replacing Edge with a Chromium-powered brows [ Microsoft ] by andyross Please use this form when submitting all regulatory documentation. Stablemates “pocket guide” for smartphone.

Installation timeout issue for some users Fixed: Now it looks like DFX Plus registration issue for some users Fixed: Please review slides for this study. Please submit a copy, retain original at site. Please contact Sarah Hardee at Sarah.

dfx version 11.106 -

Support for Quadraphonic sound cards Fixed: Auto select added sound device Fixed: Please use this form to request RedCap access for study team members who will be responsible for randomizing patients and entering data. DFX driver issue for 1.1106 users Version Thanks for the heads up.

Installation issue on XP Fixed: Would this do anything to enhance the sound of music on a laptop? I used to use DFX a long time ago, and it dcx quite well for MP3s and other lossy music to make them sound “richer and fuller”. DSMC serious adverse event report form.


dfx version 11.106 -

Allow PC automatic sleep Fixed: Site Signature and Delegation Log. The LCSS questionnaire is the only protocol-required questionnaire. Thanks and NoHereNoMo. Thank you to everyone on this forum [ OptimumOnline ] by mbernste You may use your institutional version if you prefer.