Thu Jun 11, 1: Codatii eXtream nr 1 sunt: Influenced by the massive discreditation campaign started by the Romanian media after the success of ‘s De cartier , the album was very liberal and experimental with production and songwriting techniques for its time in Romanian music. Although commercial sounding and easygoing, the track was met with reluctance by both radio stations and fans alike. Two friends of Irimia and Vlad-Neagu, D.

bug mafia talpile arse

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Sat Oct 18, 2: Romanian hip hop groups Musical groups established in establishments in Romania Gangsta rap groups.

Cu T─âlpile Arse

Adblock Plus Click the AdBlock Plus button on the top right of your browser’s toolbar addons and click Disabled on whosampled. Mafia collaborators over time. Mon Jun 01, Mafia hug one of the few Romanian groups that received radio airplay in the mid 90s.

As Irimia and Vlad-Neagu learned that their musical tastes coincided, they decided on pursuing their careers as a group which they named Botosani Underground and abbreviated it to B.

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O sa cumparati albumul? You must be logged in to comment. Since hip hop was just emerging as a music genre in Romania in the early s, studio time and stage performance opportunities were relatively limited, so the matia had to rely on the restricted prospects that presented themselves to record more songs.

bug mafia talpile arse

The album’s success attracted pop icon Loredana Groza ‘s interest for a collaboration. The album was released in mid by Cat Music and Casa Productions after multiple delays.


Mafia after a few live appearances with them in Arsd album sold overcopies and has remained one of the best-selling compilation albums released in Romania. Gangsta rap pioneers La Familia were also interested in joining Casa Productions but a disagreement with the label’s management led to a conflict that took both groups to court a couple of years later. The legal incident that had occurred in February reflected in the album’s sales, as it moved an impressive 55, units with no music video or radio single promoting it.

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The group released Mafia in late and, since music distribution was virtually nonexistent in Romania at the time, the album was only available for a relatively short period of time in Bucharestbecoming valuable fan memorabilia over time. Jasmine – Cu talpile arse: Retrieved May 18, Problems playing this file? You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in talpie forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

bug mafia talpile arse

Tataee wanted the group to re-record the vocals for every song that was to be included on the album, while he produced new beats for the updated versions of the tracks. With 22 tracks, it tzlpile B.

As Cat Music had grown into a fully professional record labelthe group started to get noticed by the romanian media.

Mafia’s most lengthy album, also the first in the group’s history not to have any female guest performers. Following Demeter’s bandmate’s decision to form another group besides Demonii, the two parted ways and Demeter joined Black Underground in May Refresh the page to see the result.


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bug mafia talpile arse

Starting in latethe group started work on a greatest hits album that was to take them just under 6 years to complete. Codatii eXtream nr 1 sunt: Please sign in or sign up. E dur sa fii dur!

The resulting song, “Lumea e a mea” The world is mine was released as a single in late and became an instant hit in Romania. The album was initially planned to be released xrse late but Ines changed their location, upgrading their recording technology, making group producer Tataee to insist for a re-do of the whole album in the new studio.

Mafia’s last release on Cat Music, their home label for over 14 years, as the group went independent from Mafia continued to work throughout and, after the impressive success one of their concerts in Bucharest had, they were invited by TV host Mihai Tatulici to talk about their work and history in a special edition of his talk show.