Allies must steal the decoder from the Axis test base. Enemy Territory more detailed textures. This is perfect for you engineers that have a hard time remembering what team your on or if you just want to spruce up the look of you equipment some A pure frag map, The flag has to be successfully captured and held for 3 minutes to win. Allie trucks where abandoned or the drivers where shot.

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Wolvenstein is a small city with lots of places to hide and shoot from. The allied forces need to blow open the main door, secure forward spawn, secure both gold radar things and build CP while the Axis is trying to stop them from doing any of it.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – Freeware – EN – ™

Discover the latest Windows apps Be the first to know about the hottest apps with Download’s Windows Apps newsletter. It is a spring of Large desert type map made for sniping only. It’s a spooky kind of castle so watch out. The screenshots speak for themselves, but I will voice my opinion: Enemy Territory is now out of beta. This release does not add anything extra to the game but rather fixes an issue within delta.


This is great for a wolfenstein enemy territory 2.55 that territtory to hear something wolfensrein while playing his or her favorite game.

I have tested it and works. The Axis are guarding a hoard of gold in Egypte in an hidden Moskee.

2.60b (2.55+) ET server patch with 2.55 client backward compatibility

Thank You for Submitting a Reply,! LOL, Why the hell would you download it from here? The Allied forces plan a rescue by sea. Reach the forward flag, then infiltrate the dam. Allies have to prevent this all. The Allies have learned of a new bomb being developed by the Axis. They were taken from the skins of pacific assault game. Pros Possibly good if you are an online player.

Enemy Territory + Server Patch – MyGamingTalk

Almost all the platforms are moving so it really looks like space. Allied Intelligence has reported that the enemy are developing a powerful new tank in a secure research facility.

The Axis managed to hold the town but a team of Allies are still trapped in the town and their only way out is to steal a tank and drive through the bombed city. This program minimizes all games that allow to be minimized using OpenGL, Directx 5,6,7,8,9 and Before Allies can enter the. AR Tray Spy is a free read: Prevent the wolfenstein enemy territory 2.55 from constructiong the command post. This is a sniper map for Return to Castle Wolfenstein: The Allies are dropped in by parachute and must assault the Outpost in order to gain access to the gliders crated there.


You should never ever never download from cnet.

Close x Important Information for Downloads Not yet registered? Axis must repair and steal the tank in Boozaka Town. Wolfensttein uses a simple user interface that allows you to quickly locate and select all the required files. The Axis still need radio communications network so they must defend the Radio Transmitter.

But in the waters leading into the island ejemy Kheros is the island Navarone. Try to get all the people that are jumping around.