But oke, I need to say untill now the “old” EA is not having his best year So far there were no problems. On my german broker Flatex. I’ll be the judge of that and I’ll let you know as time and orders go by. What make me upset sometimes we deal with good EAs something doesn’t work:

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This just was the biggest one. DSL this morning meyadroid first since going Live on Go markets. Schneider Full Member Posts: Neither have lost a trade this week. Ask for a refund.

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Did you miss your activation email? I’ll be the judge of that and I’ll let you know as time and orders go by. Hope I can confirm that pretty soon with my real account. I have Pipjet and Megadroid running on three different brokers and see nothing like the results you see. Hi Mendonca, It could be that your broker is smoothing out the megacroid feed. megadroid 1.39


Megadroid Version 1.39 – Update

Sorry to hear this. Provide investor password and account and myfxbook logs in as investor and uploads all your trades to your myfxbook account.

I run Shark since 3 Weeks now with this Offset and seems to megadroid 1.39 fine. As Donna has explained on another thread MT4i stats are just html files that can be faked. My broker ist Flatex. I don’t know why the EA Shark developers don’t set up a myfxbook live forward test? May 21, Ok, have a great trading week.

But, then again, who cares It all comes down to the same and eventually it feels megadroid 1.39 I’m wasting loads of time. Get Cash For Trading Forex!

BTW the EA is not necessary, the MT4 publisher function can be megadroid 1.39 as well, except that it does not pass the notes and the magic number, so if one runs more than one 139 on the same account, its trades cannot be separated. TOP eas that can handle difficult market conditions, constantly updated and making money. What do you all think about this? What are they hiding? So far there were no problems.


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As you know from other of my posts I simply do not believe in backtests or demo accounts so I decided to setup an account with 1. May 22, A few weeks ago Megadroid released version 1. Hotforex Micro has 3 out of 4 trades. Do you, fellow traders, use Shark with or without trailing stops? Since it doesn’t megadriid logical to me why the DST have to megadroid 1.39 ignored, I set it the way which I think is correct. Megadroid 1.39 And which msgadroid is Shark and Sigma in your opinion?

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Video Controversial Te Revela. Forexeasystems has been in the game for a long time now. It’s maybe the best EA I know.